meaning of life

Allah menguji hamba-Nya dengan cara yang paling unik, apabila menjadikan kekurangan itu juga satu anugerah..

setiap kali duji bisikkan ke hati.. ALLAH sedang mendidik, bukankah itu bererti ALLAH menyayangi mu?

ALLAH tidak melupakanmu..

kenang DIA dalam setap ujian-NYA!

betapa banyak kepahitan masa lalu menjadi sangat manis pada masa sekarang...

ingat hakikat itu wahai diri yang sedang menangis pada hari ini..

ilmu kita yang terbatas tidak akan dapat menjangkau ilmu ALLAH yang maha luas!

belajar dari kesilapan masa lalu, cinta pada tugasan masa kini, bersangka baik pada masa akan datang...

INSHAALLAH akan ada senyuman di hati dan bibirmu.. :)

"Then when you have taken a decision, put your trust in Allah."
[ Surah Al-'Imran ; 159 ]

"Anyone whom Allah intends good, HE makes them to suffer from some affliction (test/pain)"

-Riwayat Al-Bukhari

It takes some pain to have those wonderful miracle and gift. Allah is listening to you you and you! HE KNOWS, EVERY SINGLE THING... ;)

Saturday, July 30, 2011

love, just the way you are, muslimah...

Damn, I miss it...
The time when you looked so beautiful,
When, the cover you wear was long enough,
When, your words were carefully spoken,
When, your dress was so modest,
While in the real arena you were such a ferocious lioness, a real mujahidah,
I love that time, I love you just the way you are.
Damn, I miss it...
When you are not trying to look beautiful, you are,
When you quickly put your cover down when the winds blew it hard,
When you take another route just to avoid the opposite group,
I miss to see that calm sweet face,
I miss it when your face saddened by the reminders of God,
And I love you just the way you are.
Damn, I miss it...
When I tried to steal a look at your face,
I see tears rolling out with your hands up, praying,
When you deviate the gorgeous grey eyes away the moment  yours met mine,
When you take no single glance at me when we pass by each other,
I love the way you talk to me, such composure and grace,
I love when your heart was so fragile to the Holy Words,
I love that time, I love you just the way you are.
But now, I don't know what I am feeling,
The love is starting to fade, or what?
Jealous? Dissapointment? Hope?
I don't know...
It hurts me a lot, it's silently killing me inside.
Every single time I saw you in that apparel,
Every single time I saw you mingle freely without boundaries with the opposites,
Every single moment I saw that words coming from your precious lips,
Please, this is not the girl who I'd known before,
But still, remnants of my love are still there, I'm sure!
I really want you to be my company in this perilous journey,
I really want you to be at my side, sharing love and care,
I really want you to be the mother of my children,
I really want you to be my guidance to His Love,
Even death cannot do us apart, because we will reunited in God's Glorious Gardens.

But girl, please! I really love you just the way you are at that time,
The time when you looked so beautiful,
When I saw you at that time,
There's not a thing that I would change,
Cause' you are amazing, just the way you are,
The way of a Muslimah.
by fitri